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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

From the staff of the South Sound Church of Christ


How to be Spiritual During the Holidays!  - By Marcus Wallace

As we come to the close of another year, I just wanted to share some thoughts that can help us be spiritual during the holidays, evaluate the past year, and set some goals for next year.



My Best Christmas Gift - December 22, 2008

Felicia Staley was baptized on December 13th 2008!  As the angels were rejoicing so were her father, William and her sister, Satira Davis as they were united in Christ (both William and Satira are members of the South Sound Church of Christ).  The City Mingles ministry and the Kitsap ministry filled our house with heartfelt words and tears as individuals shared about Felicia. Chelsie Zhang, Felicia’s bible talk leader, shared,  “You are my best Christmas gift!”  It got me to think how it must be one of God’s best Christmas gifts as well! 


Hope Worldwide - Martin Luther King 2009

HOPE worldwide and the American Red Cross are part of a National Martin Luther King Day Campaign to distribute fire-prevention materials to at-risk neighborhoods. House fires are the most common disaster affecting families
in South King and Kitsap counties. With your help, HOPE worldwide - Washington plans to reach 5,000 homes in the Puget Sound region. 

We are looking for approximately 150 volunteers to canvas neighborhoods from 9:30 AM until 12:00 PM. Following canvassing, we are inviting you to join us at the Southwest Seattle Boys & Girls Club for a community fair to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy. Special guests and events include; former Seattle Seahawk, Mack Strong, Dopplar the Storm mascot, a special vocal performance by Leonard Weaver of the Seattle Seahawks and much more...

Invite your families, friends, and co-workers to remember Dr. Martin Luther King by honoring him in a day of service.  Please sign-up with your local Hope Ambassadors or e-mail us at hopemlkday@gmail.com with your name and contact information.

Southwest Seattle Boys & Girls Club
9800 8th Avenue Southwest
Seattle, Washington 98106

Date and Time:
Monday, January 19th, 2009
9:30 AM until 3:00 PM

Volunteers should arrive by 9:30 to prepare for canvassing and should be finished by noon. Volunteers are welcome to attend the MLK Day Fair afterwards for food and fun!

  • Master in Disaster
    HOPE worldwide – Washington is also looking for Masters in Disaster, volunteers who
    are interested in becoming more involved with our Red Cross partnership throughout 2009.
  • What is a Master in Disaster? A Team Captain for MLK Day canvassing.
    As well, each leader will be trained by the Red Cross with basic disaster preparedness
    and will act as liaison for your church region in case of disaster.
  • What is required of a Master in Disaster? Attend 3 hour training in January provided by
    the American Red Cross and HOPE worldwide – Washington on basics disaster preparedness
    and fire prevention canvassing. The Red Cross will discuss different opportunities at this training
    on how you can help your Church congregation, family and neighborhood get prepared.
    You can decide what inspires you or what may fit in your schedule for 2009.
  • When are the training dates? (Please consider one of the following)
    Sunday Jan 4th 12:30pm-3:30pm (including lunch) Seattle Church of Christ (Seattle)
    Thursday Jan 8th 5:30pm-8:30pm (including dinner) Home of Zoe Strong (Newcastle)
    Sunday Jan 11th 12:30-3:30pm (including lunch) Washington State Historical Museum (Tacoma)
  • How do I sign up? Please sign up with your local HOPE Ambassador or email your contact information
    to hopemlkday@gmail.com stating you want to become a Master in Disaster.




According to God's Timing             November 19, 2008

According to God’s Timing

Daren Overstreet 


As we begin to reach out to friends and family, we are confronted with many questions: will they be open to studying the scriptures?  Will they be able to confront important issues in their life?  Can I adequately convey God’s love to them?  If so, how long before they decide to make Jesus their Lord and Savior?  The answers: God knows!

During the middle of 2007, myself, Marcus Wallace, and some singles began to study the Bible with a young man named Branden Bensen.  He was introduced to the church by Jeff Henderson, a friend from his high school days.  He began to attend church, get integrated into the singles, and study God’s word.  He was inspired by what he saw and read, but didn’t feel like he was ready to make a decision at the time.  

Over the next year, he attended occasionally, and kept in good contact with the church through many relationships in the singles ministry.  In the Spring of 2008, he decided to come back and begin studying the Bible again in earnest.  God  blessed Branden with a Princeton education, a good job, and a supportive family.  Still, he realized all of that meant nothing without a saving relationship with God.  After months of studying and changing, Branden was baptized on October 27 in the icy waters of Puget Sound!   

That was one night nobody will forget.  Surrounded by friends and family, Branden pledged his life to God.  It was incredible to hear touching words of gratitude from his father, as well as Branden expressing thanks to God and his friends for showing him patience on his journey to a relationship with God. 

As Branden was baptized by his close friends Derek Scholz and Todd Stickler, we were all reminded that God’s plan of evangelism includes our tireless effort in reaching out to people and showing them the scriptures.  We should pray earnestly for them, serve them, and show them unconditional love.  However, we can’t control the timing of people making decisions to turn their life over to God.  I was reminded of this when I asked Branden the question, “why did you decide to become a Christian now and not last year?”  His answer: “I feel like now I was ready to make the decision to make Jesus my Lord.”  I think God knew that!






A Miracle for the Shockley family!        November 4, 2008

Bill and Michelle Shockley have been members of the South Sound Church of Christ for nearly eight years.  Like so many young married couples, they began to earnestly pray for God to allow them to bring children into this world and start a family.  Not long into this process, it became clear having children on their own might not be a part of that plan.  After wrestling with many different options, they courageously decided to volunteer to be a “foster-adopt” family. 

They lovingly brought a little boy into their family – an energetic young guy named Stone!  Thirteen months after his birth, following a lot of prayer and many legal proceedings, he officially became their son, as they were able to legally adopt him.  Not long after their adoption of Stone, they welcomed a beautiful newborn girl into their home.  Her name was Arrie.  She came from a troubled family that struggled to be unified on just what exactly would be the best long-term solution for her.  Would one of Aries’ relatives step up and adopt her?  As she fought to get her life together, would her birth mother want her back?  As the Shockley family met Aries’ needs in the warmth and security of their own home, they also weren’t sure how her future would play out.

As they prayed and patiently waited, the legal process became witheringly slow and frustrating.  Forced to wait, sometimes long periods with little or no news, the Shockley’s struggled to see how God was working.  It seemed that when news did come, it was discouraging.  After two long years, they felt no closer to resolution than when they started.  Concerned about Arrie and their family on many fronts, they solicited the prayers and encouragement of the disciples in the church.  Friends and family prayed and put the future of Arrie into God’s hands.  It was impossible for us to believe that Arrie would be forced to leave the only family she knew.  Finally, nearly three years after taking her in, the Shockley’s were notified this last week that they were cleared to officially begin the process of adopting Arrie! 

The Lord has blessed the Shockley family.  He has worked powerfully to bring an end to a long, tense, bittersweet process.   He has blessed Stone with a little sister for life.  He has enriched so many of us with the joy of watching Arrie grow up into a sweet little girl.  Perhaps most importantly, He has helped all of us grow in our faith, clearly showing us the power of prayer and perseverance.  To Him be the glory!



Teaching in Indonesia - Meeting a familiar face halfway across the world.

Click on the map below to view our sister Becky Vail's latest blogs and pictures about her travels as a kindergarten teacher in Indonesia.


SSCOC Financial Philosophy

SSCOC Financial Philosophy

            Money is so often divisive.  Most of us can remember parents or grand-parents soberly abjuring us from discussing money, religion, or politics, in or out of our households.  For disciples, two of these three are still sensitive topics, and none more so than cold, hard cash. Money can bless the church or divide the church.  Since disciples tenaciously strive for the “complete unity” that Jesus prayed for, coming to a consensus about money in the church is a serious and essential step in “contending as one man” for the gospel in Seattle. What can God’s word tell us about such sensitive waters?

HOPE Adoptions - Immediate Placing Available

HOPE for Children in Atlanta GA has 12 orphans from India and 10 orphans from China that need to be placed for immediate adoption.  Since these children have been assigned to HFC, once a homestudy and document preparation is completed, the wait time should be less than 6 months.

If you would like information about the children, along with their pictures, please see the following link to the HOPE for Children website:



What's New?

New Tacoma Midweek Location

Starting on September 3rd, 2008, midweek services will be held at the following location:

Environmental Services Building

9850 64th St West
University Place, 98467

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Sermon Downloads

Did you know that almost ALL the sermons from last year are online and available for download? We have quite the archive forming, and they are all freely available for download to your computer. What can you do with these? Well, how about:

  • Burn a sermon on a CD and listen to it on the way to work
  • Synchronize it with your iPod or other mp3 player for workout and ?
  • Compile a CD to send to troops stationed overseas
  • Create a CD to give to a friend who may be interested in visiting our church.

The opportunities are endless! Check it out - >

Now Is The Time Video

Missed one of the "Now Is The Time" informational meetings? You can watch the video that was created right here! The video that was recently produced does an excellent job at showing exactly what we are trying to do as a church with our "Now Is The Time" campaign.


Blood Drive

The Cascade Blood Mobile frequently schedules Sundays with us to accept blood donations. For more information, or to sign up for a time slot, contact Todd Stickler at sticklert@att.net



Three That Make a Difference

As the Teen Minister for the South Sound Church of Christ, I am truly grateful for all the teens in the Teen Ministry.....

Patience, Humility, and Love

And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)